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The Wind series is a memorial tribute to a friend who became part of the wind when he died. At least, that is what I believe. The ancient Greek word pneuma means wind, breath, and spirit. In Aztec creation mythology, the god of the wind, Ehecatl, is both the breath in humans and the breezes that bring rain and life. We are steeped today in the possibilities inherent in these conflations.This then is wind as life-force and wind as “cosmic touch”. Trees buffeted by wind, plastic bags, newspapers, moving shadows and empty spaces themselves provide the tangible content for the series. As for the friend memorialized in this series, his name was Patrick Finnegan and he wrote brilliantly on film and art. He was also a talented comedian in the manner of Dorothy Parker who was his kindred spirit as he was mine.

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Wind Self Portrait 3.jpg
Wind Solar Power_edited_edited_edited_ed
Wind and Rocket Washington Post edited p
Wind and Shadow 2019_edited.jpg
Wind Gone_edited.jpg
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