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All of the photographs in this series depict shadows cast by people on weekday mornings at or near the busy intersection of 18th and K streets in Washington, DC. This is the city's commercial district, a seemingly black and white world of success and failure where only the (financially) successful survive. But the shadows have their own stories-- such as the "forgotten man" whose shadow resembles a king on a throne. He's only briefly a king since shadows are momentary, which is regrettable. 


In order to include isolated shadows in these photographs, it was necessary to position the camera in front of, or to the side of, the figure casting a shadow. As a result, many of these pictures were taken upside-down and turned right-side-up for the finished image. That accounts for the reverse perspective which is in turn part of the narrative.

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Where Paupers Can Be Kings_edited_edited
Shadows Rushing Child_edited_edited_edit
Shadows World Weary5_edited_edited_edite
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