Many of these photographs were taken in Atlantic City, NJ. A polished granite building facing the boardwalk held the reflections of passersby as did store-front windows that also featured cartoon characters. Washington, DC's 19th St NW is part of the series as are occasional forays elsewhere into the city, always courtesy of granite and glass. None of these photographs have been significantly edited as the emphasis is on the transforming qualities of the reflections themselves.

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2 17 19 Boardwalk Reflection Dance of Li
NGA 2 9 19_edited.jpg
Reflections Conflict 1 20 19_edited_edit
Reflections Gallery Hell.jpg
Alone 2 8 19_edited_edited_edited.png
Reflections 19th Street Passersby 2 11 1
Reflections NGA_edited_edited.jpg
Looking Left.jpg
New Photos022 7 11 19_edited_edited_edit
Series Size Night 12 7 19_edited_edited.

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